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How MtF Mentors Was Born
Nov 02, 2008

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Aug 29, 2008

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All MtF's Welcome!

Welcome to MtF Mentors

If you identify as MtF, you are welcome to join this site.

We have created this site with your anonymity in mind. ONLY registered users have access to the information in your profiles, and YOU decide how much and what type of information you want to share.

We all needed answers and support when we began our transitions. Some of us were fortunate to have a close friend who had transitioned and we went to her for advice and support. The majority of us only had the internet. While the information is out there to be found, it's still not the same as having someone in our own home town who we can turn to for support.

MtF Mentors was created for this purpose. It is a place to find a local MtF friend for mutual support and/or mentoring (being a big sister).

For those who are pre-transition, or in early transition, (teen and untransitioned MtF's welcome)our site makes it easier for you to find someone locally who has transitioned (post-transition - meaning living full-time as a female, with or without surgery) who can hopefully become your friend and mentor to help guide you in your exciting journey of becoming a Male-to-Female transgender individual.

For those women who are post-transition, you have the opportunity to help other members by sharing your unique experiences. Your support and encouragement will show you care about those who are looking for guidance and direction as they pursue their own individual journeys.

THIS IS A FREE RESOURCE FOR MtF's! Please don't abuse it.

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Copyright(c) MtF Mentors 2008
DISCLAIMER: 1) Although every effort is made to prevent predators and non-MtF's from entering this website, there is no guarantee that it won't happen. Every member of this website is encouraged to use the "Report User" link above every profile view if they suspect the user profile they are viewing does not belong on the site. 2) This website welcomes those under 18 years old. Although there is no pornographic material (text or images) within the site, there may be postings within the forum which deal with the physical aspects of transitioning. This is knowledge that all individuals should have prior to transitioning.